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The most frequently asked questions can be found here

You can either search for available boats in a specific time period here.

Or you will also find a summary of which boats you can choose from here. Touch the boat you want to book. At the bottom of the boat page you will see a calendar that shows when the boat you want to order is available.


Prices vary according to season. You will find price information here. here.

Option 1. To minimize your own share if the boat is damaged, you can pay an insurance of your own share of NOK 3,000. This amount is non-refundable.

Option 2. On arrival, you must pay NOK 30,000 on your credit card. This amount is reserved until the boat is returned and the condition of the boat is approved.

Option 1. You can choose to pay 35% of the total amount, the remaining 65% must be paid no later than 30 days before the holiday starts. Read more about contract terms here.

The remaining 65% of the total amount must be transferred via online banking to our bank account. If you choose this option, you will receive a confirmation by email stating how much you have to pay and to which account the amount should be transferred to. 

Option 2. Pay the full amount immediately when you book.

We only accept card payments and we accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Charging and infrastructure:

You will find a survey of where there will be available charging points here.

Just like renting an electric car, the boat you rent will be fully charged when you pick it up and you will also pay for the electricity you use.

You must expect approximately NOK 800 in charging current per week. (A corresponding boat with diesel operation would cost about NOK 3,500 per week.)

At the end of the holiday, the boat must be returned fully charged, if it is not, Canal Boats Telemark will deduct part of the deposit or send an invoice corresponding to what it costs to fully recharge the boat.

It takes about 3 hours to charge 80% of the battery. 

The longest distance between two charging points will be between Kviteseid and Lunde, this distance is 23.7 nm (nautical mile) or about 43 km.

In the same way as with an electric car, small adjustments in speed give large effects on range. The range of the boats, on the other hand, is very long if you keep a calm pace. You will at all times have an overview of how much power is left on a display on the boat, in addition, the solar panel will also be able to provide power to the operating batteries. There will therefore never be any danger of running out of power.  

Examples of range in headwind: 4.9 knots = 57.6 nm, 5.6 knots = 43.9 nm, 6.2 knots = 33.5 nm, 7.5 = 20.9 nm

Boat experience

Yes, if you were born after 1980, you must have a boat driver's license or equivalent that is approved by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate, see link here. You must also have a minimum of 3 seasons of experience with a boat that requires a boat driver's license. Before you can arrive in Porsgrunn, you must send a copy of the boat driver's certificate to This must be sent no later than 1 week before your holiday starts. If you were born before 1980, you must confirm that you have a minimum of 3 years' experience of navigating a boat that requires a boat driver's license today. Read more under terms and conditions here.

In addition to the Norwegian boating licence, the International Certificates for Operator of Pleasure Craft (ICC) is also approved as a valid boating licence. click Here to see which countries are members of ICC Resolution No.40.

As part of our safety routine, everyone who rents a boat from Canal Boats Telemark will receive up to 1 hour of training on arrival. Here you go through all safety routines, you get an introduction to the boat's equipment and navigation system and you go through other practical information that is necessary before the holiday starts. 

When driving on the Telemark canal, the main rule is that you should have a maximum of 5 knots when the distance to land is less than 100m. Other restrictions are usually signposted. 

The age limit is 25 years

At the moment, this is not something Canal Boats Telemark offers


Check-in at 16:00 (you must expect about1 hour to review safety routines, standard check of boat and equipment as well as handing over of equipment / life jackets during check-in) and checkout at 09:00 (you must expect approximately 1 to 2 hours for boat examination).

Remember that you must arrive at Porsgrunn guest pier the day before checkout and no later than 15:00 the day before. The outside of the boat will be washed the same afternoon.

If you want early check-in or late checkout, it is possible to order this in the booking. If you have already booked and want this, you can contact us by phone or e-mail.

Late checkout is at 12:00, early check-in is at 13:00.

If you choose a late checkout, you must not arrive in Porsgrunn before the same day as the checkout date, but no later than 09:00. You can then relax and enjoy a long breakfast before checkout at 12:00.

Telemark watercourse:

There is good fishing in the canal watercourse and you can catch trout, perch, char, whitefish, pike and tench. In the lower parts of the Telemark Canal, you can also buy fishing licenses for salmon and sea trout.

Fishing licenses that are available in the Telemark Canal are all on Here you will also find updated fishing rules and information for the various stretches.

Fishing rules:

Everyone over the age of 16 must have a fishing license. Children under the age of 16 do not need a fishing license or pay a state fishing fee.  Everyone who is going to fish in Norsjø, Heddalsvannet and Bråfjorden does not have to pay a state fishing fee. When fishing for salmon and sea trout in the rivers , everyone must pay a state fishing fee.

Fishing for salmon and sea trout is only allowed in the period June 1 to September 30.

 Up to 2 salmon or sea trout can be caught per day per person.

Salmon and sea trout caught in the period October 1 to May 30 shall be set out immediately. When fishing from a boat in Norsjø, Heddalsvannet and Bråfjorden, it is possible to fish with a maximum of 4 lines with one bait (hook, lure, wobble, etc.) on each line per boat.

 It is not permitted to fish with gear that can be filled with water.

 The Telemark watercourse is a disease-free watercourse and all equipment that has been used in other watercourses must therefore be disinfected before use. This also applies to boats that are moved to the watercourse, - pay special attention to humid environments in cavities, ropes and textiles as well as waders, nets etc.


1)        Fishing license is what you must buy from the licensees / landowner to fish within a specific area. Price approx. NOK 100 for one week per person (2020)

2)        Fishing fee is a fee you must pay to the State to fish for salmon and sea trout in rivers and lakes. Single person NOK 272, - family NOK 434, - (2020)

The coast of Telemark.

Here you can fish all sorts of fish except cod which has a temporary protection until 15.06.2022

Lobster can only be fished in the period 1.10 to 30.11. Everyone must register before fishing for lobster. Contact us if you need help with this.

The Telemark Canal

The entire canal watercourse and especially Norsjø is a source of drinking water for large population groups. It is therefore not permitted to empty septic tanks into the watercourse. Use the sewer system for septic tank emptying or empty the septic tank before entering the watercourse. 

There are septic tanks at Hjellebrygga in Skien, Ulefoss guest harbour, Kviteseid, Dalen and Akkerhaugen west.

The coast of Telemark.

Along the Telemark coast, there are emptying facilities at the following locations: 

Porsgrunn, Brevik, Langesund, Kragerø (by the ferry port at Stabbestad)

The nearest long-term outdoor parking is at the address: Engveien / Dr.Munchs gate (Gamle urædd). Price: About NOK 70 a day.

Do you want indoor parking? We offer indoor parking for a fee. See price list. here.

Do you need accommodation before or after you are going to rent a boat from us? We can highly recommend booking an overnight stay at Vic Hotel. Vic Hotel is centrally located in Porsgrunn, just a few 100 metres from where you pick up and drop off your boat. Do you want to book? Please contact us at or contact the hotel directly at

What is included:

  • The rental price includes boat rental 
  • Lock fee is included in the period June 19 – August 13 (opening hours for the locks are June 19 – August 13. If you want to pass through a lock out of season, this can be agreed by email, ) 
  • Equipment in the boat (fully equipped kitchen with kitchen utensils)
  • Bed linen and towels for all persons on board are included.
  • Wifi


  • Extra equipment (see separate price list for extra equipment here Here) charging power and transport to Porsgrunn are not included. 
  • Cleaning fee and service fee of a total of NOK 2490 per boat will be added. (Cleaning fee covers the cleaning costs of the boat outside and inside after use.) 
  • fuel. Approximately NOK 700 in electricity per week must be expected (equivalent to a boat with diesel power would cost approx. NOK 3500 per week).

Yes. Bedlinen and towels for all persons on board are included. If you want extra bedlinen or towel, you can rent this for a fee.

We recommend that you bring some good non-slip boat shoes and gloves.

You can of course bring food, but there is also a grocery store, liquor store, pharmacy and more within walking distance to the guest harbour where the boats will be picked up and delivered. 

The own share for which you must provide a guarantee is NOK 30,000. To minimize your own share if the boat is damaged, you can pay an insurance of your own share of NOK 3,000. This amount is not refundable, but you must not pay more if there is any damage to the boat. Read more about contract terms

Read more under terms and conditions here.

Just get in touch via e-mail or telephone if you want to order additional products such as. kayak rental or early check-in etc. 

NOTE! Certain additional products such as Early check-in can not be booked if it is too short a time before the rental period starts, but get in touch and we will try our best to find a solution.

See price list and accessories here.

Yes. If you want early check-in or late checkout, it is possible to book this in the booking (we reserve the right to cancel this in case of high demand).

Early check-in is at 13:00 (standard at 16:00), late checkout is at 12:00 (standard at 09:00).  

If you have already booked your boat holiday and would like this, you can contact us by phone or e-mail.

For a complete price overview of extra equipment and services, click here.

Location and traffic range:

We are located in Porsgrunn in Vestfold and Telemark county municipality. 

Address Stangsgate 1, 3915 Porsgrunn

The boats must be picked up and delivered at Canal Boats Telemark's permanent wharf in Porsgrunn.

In order to receive the necessary equipment, as well as get basic training in the use of the boat, you must first show up at our office with address Stangsgate 1, 3915 Porsgrunn

Our office is only a few metres’ walk from the piers where the boats are moored

From Porsgrunn you can either drive upwards towards the Telemark Canal or downwards towards the coast of Telemark. The Telemark Canal's terminus is Dalen. If you want to visit Gvarv, Norsjø Ferieland, Notodden or Heddal, take the Telemark Canal and follow the waterway to the right just before Ulefoss. There are no locks on the waterway towards Notodden. If you go down towards the Telemark coast, you can drive all the way to Portør in one direction and Nevlunghavn in the other direction. Click Here for a more detailed survey of the range.

If you drive your own car from Oslo, follow the E18 towards Kristiansand until you come to a sign for Porsgrunn (just after Larvik). If you come from Bergen, take the E134 over Haukelifjell and take off in Seljord to national road 36 towards Porsgrunn. If you come from Kristiansand, follow the E18 towards Oslo until you see the exit towards Porsgrunn (just after Brevik). 

There are several parking garages in Porsgrunn. We also offer indoor parking for an extra fee. If you want indoor parking, just contact us by phone or e-mail. 

There are also trains, boats and coaches going to Porsgrunn. Torp Airport is also just over half an hour away and there is an airport bus from Torp Airport that goes all the way to Porsgrunn.

Yes, for safety reasons, you must stay within the traffic area that extends from Kragerø via Helgeroa to Dalen and Notodden. It is along this waterway that charging stations are currently being located. A more detailed survey of the waterway and the location of charging stations can be found here.

We have made a survey of attractions and activities we recommend along the Telemark Canal and the coast of Telemark. This survey can be found here.

You can also visit Visit Telemark for inspiration and information about things you can see and experience along the Telemark Canal and the coast of Telemark. If you want to go to Visit Telemark, you can click here.

The Telemark Canal and the locks

There is a total of 8 locks with 18 lock chambers altogether. Skien, Løveid, Ulefoss, Eidsfoss, Vrangfoss, Lunde, Kjeldal, Hogga. The Telemark Canal has a length of 105 kilometres from Skien to Dalen and 80 kilometres from Skien to Notodden, and a total lifting height of 72 metres.

For 33 feet and 39 feet as our boats are, the price is NOK 3600 per boat. However, this is included in the price when booking our boats in the period of June 19 – August 13.

We recommend that you calculate 1 week if you want to og on holiday the entire Telemark Canal.

If you want to go along both the archipelago and the Telemark Canal, we therefore recommend planning a minimum of 2 weeks holiday.

The locks have staff who will help you pass through the lock.

For more information about the locks, see the Telemark Canal's own websites:

For opening hours and other information about the locks, see Telemark canal's own websites:

(prices are for 2020 and are subject to change)


Langbryggene Guest Harbor, Skien centre (before the first lock), no charging, water, grocery 300m, liquor store 1200m, restaurants, cinema, concerts. Port fee NOK 55 (maximum 2 days)


Hjellebrygga guest harbor Skien centre (after the first lock), no charging option, Septic emptying, grocery 300m, liquor store 1200m, sauna 500m. Bathing possibility 500m, cinema, concerts. Port fee: free


Løveid Sluse Guest harbourSkien, charging station, grocery 500m. Harbor fee: free.


Ulefoss Guest PierCharging possibility, water, septic tank emptying, washing machine, dryer, shower, toilet, bathing possibility, grocery 300m, liquor store 300m, Port fee NOK 100,


Lunde Slusepark and Guest Harbour,charging facilities, groceries, water, inn, entertainment. Rental of canoes, kayaks and bicycles. Port fee: NOK 150 per night.


Kviteseid Guest HarbourCharging facilities, water, septic tank emptying, washing machine, dryer, shower, toilet, bathing facilities, groceries.


Lårdal Gjestebrygge Tokke. Water, septic tank kiosk, swimming, volleyball,


Dalen guest harbor, Tokke Charging facilities, septic tank emptying, groceries, swimming facilities, sauna, volleyball. Port fee: NOK 100 per night.


Nesøya MarinaNotodden. Charging option, grocery, bathing option


Akkerhaugen guest harbourwater, toilet. Port fee NOK 100


Norsjø Ferieland Guest pierWater, toilets, restaurant, activities, Harbor fee: July NOK 200, - otherwise NOK 150, -

Which jetties are located along the coast of Telemark?

(prices are for 2020 and are subject to change)


Porsgrunn Guest pier centre. Charging, septic tank emptying, washing machine, dryer, shower, toilets, grocery, liquor store, train station, cinema, restaurants, concerts, Port fee: Free for those who rent a boat from us.


Brevik Guest HarbourPorsgrunn. Septic tank emptying, washing machine, dryer, shower, toilets, grocery, restaurants. Port fee: NOK 250


Langesund, Bamble. Charging option, septic tank emptying, grocery, water, restaurants, concerts, Port fee: NOK 300 per night (1.6 to 31.8)


Valle Guest HarbourBamble. Water, washing machine, dryer, showers, toilets, groceries, restaurants. Port fee: NOK 250


Helgeroa Guest HarbourLarvik. Charging facilities, water, washing machine, dryer, shower, toilets, grocery (1 kilometre), restaurants. Harbour fee: NOK 275


Kragerø Guest Harbourdowntown. Charging option (Tallakshavn), septic tank emptying (Stabbestad), washing machine, dryer, shower, toilets, grocery, liquor store, cinema, restaurants, concerts, Harbour fee: 330 per night.


Kragerø archipelagoJomfruland, Portør, Stabbestad, Skåtøy and many, many more .. 

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